Your PAW engine is fitted with the new VARIJET carburetter to give perfect control over the whole speed range.

To set the carburetter, open throttle fully and screw needle in as far as it will go without force. Unscrew around 3 1/2 full turns. Start the engine normally as described in the instruction leaflet. This may be done at a reduced throttle opening if desired. Warm the engine at 1/4 to 1.2 throttle for 30 seconds, then set needle and compression for full power at full throttle (Instructions). Check tick-over - R/C setting, test Trim Stop. Initial needle settings can vary with different fuels. Safe slow speed is around 1000 to 1500 r.p.m. Too slow setting can overcooling in prolonged idle, which will affect pick-up. Steady throttle movement is best - around 2 seconds closed - open.

Cleaning, Dismantling And Assembly.

Remove lever and nut, needle and its nut and carrier and 2mm Allen cap screw. Withdraw barrel and spring if fitted, unscrew jet from barrel. Clean all parts in suitable solvent, dry with lint free rag. Special care with jet and jet efflux holes is required. Assembly. Screw needle carrier 3-4 turns into steel sleeve and secure with small nut. Screw jet into barrel to position efflux holes centrally in throat, across the airflow. Insert spring and barrel into sleeve and secure with cap screw taking care to engage slot before tightening. Fit and lightly tighten throttle level nut. Close throttle fully, screw in needle closed without force to lock all together. Finally position level (closed position) as required and fully tighten large nut. Loosen needle 2 turns, check position on the efflux holes which must not be visible looking into intake at full throttle. Set needle to 31/2 turns open as before and re-fit throttle to engine.

Progress Aero Works accept no liability for commercial loss or damage, accident, injury or fatality arising from the use of PAW products.
It is the responsibility of the user to use PAW products in a properly safe manner.

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